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Brief Introduction

Canada China Finance and Investment Association (Abbr. CCFIA) is the international non-profit association approved by Canadian government.

We aim to integrate the industrial experience and strength of finance, investment, and enterprise fields in China and Canada, and promote the mutual support and cooperation. We have data information base and membership management center taken charge by specified personnel, and share information with Chinese related organization and information network. CCFIA holds trade talks, seminar, lecture, training, investigation, and visiting-exchanging to stipulate the communication and cooperation among people in the field of finance, investment, and enterprise between two countries.


Our members come from the line of finance, investment, and enterprise. All members can freely share our information; attend all kinds of lectures, friendship activity, and trade talk, seminar, lecture, training, business investigation held by Sino-Canadian government.
We have individual, and group/organization membership. Individual members are lifelong free of charge, and group/organization can donate to CCFIA voluntarily.


The Council leadership is taking in charge of daily job. The former President, social celebrities who have special dedication to CCFIA and the entrepreneurs who provide great supports may be appointed Honorary President. The active members who serve for CCFIA warm-heartedly and care for the CCFIA development can be chosen as Council members by general assembly. President comes into being by general assembly. Vice-Presidents are nominated from the Council members by President, and approved by the Council.

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