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◆ Be concerned about the member’s venture status in Canada or China, and provide the necessary support;
◆ To match partners for Chinese and Canadian enterprises;
◆ To provide registration and office-setting service in Canada for Chinese enterprises;
◆ To provide brand registration service in Canada for Chinese enterprises, and company registration service in China for Canadian enterprises;
◆ To act as import and export agent and engage in consulting business;
◆ To organize the various types of training;
◆ To host a variety of investment fair;
◆ To provide product information at home and abroad for Members by information networks;
◆ To assist members to visit Canada, the United States or China to carry out business inspection activities;
◆ To provide credit and background checks needed when Chinese enterprises trade with foreigners;
◆ To act as adviser of overseas expansion, mergers and acquisitions when Chinese enterprises are exploring the North American market;
◆ To act as market financing consultant for Chinese enterprises in the United States and Canada;
◆ To provide the related auditing and evaluation business for Chinese companies marketing and financing;
◆ To provide Chinese domestic acquisitions, mergers and spin-off investment banking business consulting;
◆ To seek partners in China for the North American companies;
◆ To search for promising investment projects and pre-investigate in China for North America enterprises.

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